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Digital Memorial Service 

Over 200 friends and family members joined in the celebration of Barbara's life on November 2, 2021. We decided to share the main components of her memorial service here for those who were unable to attend, or those who may wish to revisit it.


May Barbara's memory and the love she shared live on forever. 

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Opening Remarks 

Opening remarks were made by Barbara's husband of 45 years, Daniel T. Dempsey, MD.  Please click the button directly below to access a copy of the remarks. 

Memorial Speakers 

After viewing a series of pictures coupled with some Beatle's music, family members and close friends shared their memories and eulogies. The opening series of pictures is available in this site's gallery. If you would like to share your memories of Barbara, please visit the share section. 

Order of memorial speakers:

  • Laurel Seneca, sister

  • Norma Coviello, cousin

  • Jim Pallidino, cousin 

  • Mary Schloat, dear friend 

  • Betsy Schmidt, dear friend  

  • Arlene Carl, dear friend  

  • Denise Riordan, dear friend 

  • Gary Riordan, Sr., dear friend

  • Jennifer Phillips, goddaughter 

  • Eleanor Brna, goddaughter 

  • Annemarie Brownmiller, dear friend   

  • Patrick D. Dempsey, son

  • Daniel T. Dempsey, husband 

Closing Remarks 

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Closing remarks were made by Barbara's son, Patrick D. Dempsey. Patrick's wife (Becca) and son (Arthur) sat beside him as he closed the service. Please click the button directly below to access a copy of the remarks. 

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